Mothers’ Group

Are you a mother? Have you wondered if you could better understand some of the challenges and questions that parenthood has raised?


What is it?

Motherhood can be an extraordinary and challenging journey. However, we do not always have the opportunity to reflect and make sense of these experiences.

This group is a safe non-judgemental space where we can explore the highs and lows of motherhood. It will be a place we laugh, have fun and share with others. We will decide what we would like to discuss but topics that could be covered are:

  • Mother and baby attachment
  • Relationship changes
  • Looking at work-child-personal life balance
  • Hopes and expectations
  • Personal and body changes in becoming a mother

The aim is to make this group as accessible as possible to mothers. If your child is under 1yrs old and you need to bring them in order to attend the group please contact Sophie to discuss further.

How might I benefit?

  • A safe environment to explore and make sense of your own experiences
  • Learn new information about child development and motherhood that could support your parenting and personal development
  • The opportunity to learn from the experience of others and to see how they successfully coped with, and overcame similar issues.
  • Relief in discovering that others have similar experiences
  • The opportunity to help others by sharing your own experiences
  • Improving confidence
  • A sense of belonging and alleviating potential loneliness or guilt

When and where is it?

This group runs for six consecutive weeks from the 6th March -10th April on Wednesdays 10-12pm at the Elmwood Centre on Baggot Street Upper, Dublin 4.

What does it cost?

At €30 a session the total cost is €180. Group members would need to sign up to all six weeks as this enables for a fulfilling, safe and more effective group for everyone.


Contact me if you would like to find out more or book a place