Lambay Retreat Schedule

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” – Anne Lamott




3pm        Boat from Malahide

5pm        Tea and Coffee with a welcome from Millie and Sophie

7:30pm  Dinner


8am         Breakfast

9:30am  Group introduction

11am       Tea break

11:30am Reflective group

1pm         Lunch

3pm        Mindful outdoor walk/meditation

5:30pm   Tea at the White House

5:30pm   Personal time

7:15pm   Dinner

8:30pm  Optional sunset meditation


8:30am   Breakfast

10am      Reflective group

11:30am Tea break

12pm      Mindful walk/meditation

1:30         Lunch

3pm        Group closing

3:45pm   Personal time

5:30pm   Boat leaves


More on what to expect?

Boat to and from Malahide

The boat will leave from Malahide marina and usually takes 30mins.

Welcome tea and Coffee

There will be time to settle into your room and then Millie and Sophie will warmly welcome you onto the island and share housekeeping information. All the aspects of your enriching weekend ahead are intended to facilitate a therapeutic experience for your mind and body.


Lottie our talented chef will be making all our delicious seasonal and healthy food so you can return to life feeling your body has been nourished and cared for. All meals and tea breaks are optional and can be taken in your own time within the allotted times.

Group introduction

The group will gather in the White House as Sophie introduces the ethos and activities for the weekend. The boundaries, confidentiality and safety of the group will be discussed at this time. Everyone coming on this retreat will be seek something uniquely individual. Some will want to take time out to unplug from their busy lives to relax and care for themselves. Others may be going through a more difficult time and looking for respite and reflection. Whatever you may be seeking the intention is for this to provide a safe space where you can choose how much or little you wish to share with others. The activities of this retreat are an invitation for you to engage in the way that feels most supportive for you.

Reflective groups

The reflective group work aims to offer you the time to reflect and restore your wider wellbeing to enable you to make more informed choices. In the reflective exercises you will often be sitting in a group where Sophie will invite you to reflect on a topic or aspect of your life and then discuss this in pairs. There will then be the opportunity to share some of you thoughts or feelings with the group and enter a wider discussion. There is no obligation to speak. These may take place indoors or outdoors.

Mindful walks and meditations

The mindful experiences are intended to support you to re-connect to your body and the present moment. These will mostly be done outside, weather permitting, and may include mindful walking, breathing exercises, finding an individual spot for mindful meditation and focussing your attention on the sensations in your body or the natural world around you.

Personal time

Time to yourself is an important element in this weekend and there will be ample time for this throughout. Being able to experience the natural beauty and comfort of this island home is an ideal way to let go and relax.

Group Closing

We will gather as a group at the end of the weekend for you to take the time to acknowledge your experience to yourself and inwardly clarify what you would like to take forward into your life as you return home.


“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel”

Eleanor Brownn